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 A bellicon rebounder is not just any kind of rebounder it s an exceptional, German designed mini trampoline giving a unique bellicon bouncing experience. This rebounder is for people serious about getting the best possible rehabilitation, health and fitness benefits from their rebounding exercise. Every age group and every fitness level can use a rebounder from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients, from toddlers to grandparents. Everyone will love the benefits that a bellicon mini trampoline rebounder can bring!

The bellicon mini-trampoline was initially developed for the purposes of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The trampoline is now increasingly used not only for assisting with rehabilitation, but also for enhancing health and improving fitness.

Rebound for Life is an official distributor of the premium quality bellicon mini trampolines/rebounders for Australia and New Zealand. We have in stock a range of bellicon rebounders and accessories. more about us ?

exercising on a rebounder has many health benefits !

make exercising on the bellicon mini trampoline rebounder a regular part of your daily life  star  finding a home exercise routine that's easy to maintain will not only benefit your fitness but also you health and beauty  star  the bellicon rebounder's highly elastic bungee cords make the bellicon rebounder a fun and sustainable form of exercise with great all round benefits  star healthy glowing skin, toned muscles, weight loss and improved balance and posture are only some of the wonderful health and fitness benefits you can gain form rebounding exercise star the trampoline's bungee band strength can be adapted for a hard and intense fitness workout or a soft and therapeutic health bounce.

bellicon rebounders stand up to any comparison !

the difference between mini trampolines/rebounders with metal springs and the bellicon rebounder is the difference between black and white  star the bounce of a bellicon is softer and more elastic which means exercising on a bellicon is more enjoyable than working out on a metal spring rebounder  starrebounders with metal springs can be noisy and their bounce can be jarring star a bellicon is just the opposite super elastic and super quiet...and super effective star The high quality German made bellicon mini trampoline is  dubbed the Porsche" of all rebounders try the bellicon rebounder today and find out for yourself!

bouncing on a rebounder suits all ages and fitness levels !

bouncing on a bellicon mini trampoline rebounder helps weight loss and reduce middle age spread star exercise on a rebounder to improve balance for older people  star perfect for rehabilitation as it is kind on joints star  effortless but effective rebounding exercise for young and old star bouncing on a bellicon mini trampoline gives a whole of body workout at any fitness level star  rebounding helps slow the ageing process and helps in the management of diabetes, excess weight, stiff joints, back pain, weak pelvic floor and heart/circulation problems  star the best rebounder around for fitness and health-bellicon is the best!

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A bellicon rebounder is not just any kind of rebounder it s an exceptional, German designed mini trampoline giving a unique bouncing experience. We have in stock a large range of bellicon rebounders and bellicon accessories. Finance your bellicon through our instalment option>>
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Rebound for Life offers a no risk purchase policy on all bellicon rebounders
Rebound for Life  offers a generous 14 day return policy on bellicon rebounder purchases, no questions asked - this means no risk on your purchase. If you're not absolutely satisfied with the product, notify us in writing within 7 days and return within 14 days more about the return policy on bellicon rebounder>>

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 We re so confident you ll love exercising on a bellicon mini trampoline that we invite you to try the bellicon rebounder before you buy. We believe that once you get on a bellicon rebounder and start bouncing, you won't want any other rebounder! more about the bellicon rebounder free trial>>


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the bellicon rebounder, with its German quality, has been called the "Porsche" of all rebounders !

lady bouncing on a bellicon rebounder / mini trampolineDid you ever wonder why kangaroos are able to jump as far and high as they do? The secretbellicon rebounder highly elastic bungee cords / rope rings is a built-in rubber band in their legs. This tendon enables them to jump with ease while using only a small amount of force. The same kind of mechanism is at work in a bellicon: extremely elastic bellicon bungee bands (rope rings) enable you to exercise more efficiently and effectively. There has never been exercise equipment with this kind of ability to do most of the work for you but still offer an incredible workout! Discover the advantages of exercising on a highly elastic mini trampoline. Learn how to do rebounder exercises.

On the bellicon you can have a total fitness workout!

benefits of bellicon mini-trampolineThis complete, moderate stimulation of the muscles, metabolism as well as heart and lymphatic circulation, connected to exercise joy and relaxation, is the best prevention against many so-called national diseases that are afflicting more and more of the population. They include obesity and digestion problems (activation of the metabolism), neck and back pain, tension (muscular relaxation), stress and depression (relaxation through the natural cradle reflex),concentration difficulties (stimulation of blood supply and circulation) balance problems (excellent balance training and fall prevention), allergies and lymphatic blockages ( automatic lymph drainage through muscle pumping )and osteoporosis (exercise that works against gravity).

Compare the belicon trampolines with conventional metal spring trampolines and judge for yourself.

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The best rebounder around for fitness and health - bellicon is the best!



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trampoline bouncing with a bellicon rebounder brings movement to your life star dynamic mini trampolines with highly elastic rope ring (bungee bands) suspension star effortless fitness for young and old star get fit and keep fit using a bellicon rebounderstar exercising on a bellicon mini trampoline helps with diabetes, weight loss, back problems, osteoporosis, fitness, aerobic capacity""

""research indicates that rebounding has many benefits

cover of journal of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation- evidence that rebounding is beneficialThe Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation (1990 | 10 -401-408)..."the mini-trampoline [rebounder] provides a convenient form of exercise with a major advantage being its apparent low level trauma to the musculoskeletal system..." more on rebounding research>>""

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